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c: well-founded firm evidence of criminal activity. 3: indicating firmness or resolution a firm mouth a firm voice. Definition of firm Entry 2 of 4.: in a firm manner: steadfastly, fixedly. firmed; firming; firms. Definition of firm Entry 3 of 4.
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business" house, 1744, from German Firma a" business, name of a business, originally signature, from Italian firma signature, from firmare to" sign, from Latin firmare make" firm, affirm, in Late Latin, confirm" by signature, from firmus firm, stable" see firm adj.
Firm collaborates with the best advertising agencies and film productions to deliver brands commercials broadcasted on any chosen media. Firm partners with various music labels and film productions to create original music videos for ambitious artists. Firm has the capacity to handle full post-production for short or long feature film in collaboration with external production.
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Community definition of what constitute s" a firm i n d ifficulty" point 4, the Guidelines stipulate that, for the purposes of these Guidelines, the Commission regar ds a firm a s b eing in difficulty where it is unable.,
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We don't' want to go back to the highly organized football hooligan firms" of the 1980s. There are football firms all over Europe, from Belgium to Ukraine. Football firms often have firm" within their name, for example" West Ham ICF" the Inter" City Firm.
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they are firm friends ce sont de bons amis. she gave a firm denial elle a nié fermement. I am a firm believer in women's' equality je crois fermement à l'égalité' de la femme. to be firm with a child/dog être ferme avec un enfant/chien.
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Example Sentences for firm. These books are issued to the hands employed by the firm free. Some have unwisely chosen to test America's' resolve, and have found it firm. With a firm and unanimous voice the resolution to follow him was adopted.
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She reintroduced the knee-length, now a firm favourite. to be a firm favourite with sb être un incontournable chez qn, être un incontournable pour qn. to become a firm favourite with sb devenir un incontournable chez qn, devenir un incontournable pour qn.

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